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Rare Opportunity to Claim
More than $55 million in Bonus Prizes
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Have you seen Earth from space and experienced the Overview Effect?

Have you flown in zero gravity?

Have you watched a rocket launch in person?

Have you visited a working spaceport?

Have you enjoyed dessert prepared on the Space Station?

Is your legacy preserved on the 

Moon for eternity?

Have you ever visited space?

Now is your chance. Welcome to The Space Rush, the largest book promotion in the solar system.

With the publication of Space Is Open for Business and as part of a long-term effort to democratize space, author Robert Jacobson is offering out-of-this-world prizes on a scale that eclipses all previous records.

There are numerous ways to have space-themed experiences. These bonuses give you a chance, from playing astronaut for a day to being an astronaut for more than a week in space. Accessing space has never been easier.
“The potential of the space sector is unlike any other that exists today. It’s no wonder why some of the world’s most prominent and successful entrepreneurs are making space part of their life’s mission. Just as the integrated circuit helped computing enable the greater digital revolution, the radically decreasing cost to access space is facilitating new applications that will help advance our civilization.”

—Nova Spivack | Inventor, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Co-Founder of Magical Corporation and Arch Mission Foundation

Martian Alliance BONUSES

Note: after purchasing your bonus package, Robert will contact you with more details about each bonus you’ll receive.

If you have questions about any specific bonus item or bonus package included in the Space Rush Promotion (‘the promotion”), please contact us at 

Please note that the participating brands and individuals listed in the bonus descriptions (“Affiliates”) may have further details, terms, and/or conditions for their bonus item(s). The Purchaser agrees to comply with the Affiliate’s terms and conditions, and is subject to any and all of the bonus Affiliate’s requirements and guidelines.

Jacobson and Affiliates reserve the right to substitute any of the promotion’s bonuses for comparable replacement at their sole discretion.

The Purchaser of a Bonus Package (“Purchaser”) is not required to use or participate in any of the Bonus Package items or experiences. The Purchaser may elect to gift any included item(s) or experience(s) included in the purchased Bonus Package, at their discretion, so long as all requirements, terms, conditions, and restrictions set by the Affiliate providing said item or hosting said experience are met. (For instance, for the Zero Gravity Flight, which “Includes 1 flight for 2 passengers,” the Purchaser may partake in the experience alone; with one guest of choice; or may provide the flight voucher to a person of their choice.)
For any experiences included in a Bonus Package, the Purchaser and Affiliate will coordinate scheduling together, though Jacobson may assist this process and/or act as a liaison between the two parties.  

Due to Covid-19, all in-person bonuses will be scheduled to ensure the safety and health of all participants. For any bonuses that require physical activity or exertion, the customer takes full responsibility for their own health and wellness. 

In-person events are subject to cancellations and delays due to acts of God, Nature, pandemics, changes in local and national ordinances, space-launched delays and cancellations, and the like. Note that rocket launches are traditionally unpredictable and unreliable due to numerous variables. 

Copies of the new book will start to ship in September. Due to Covid-19, autographed copies will mostly be digitally hand-signed in the front of the book.

If you don’t need all of the books you buy, Robert is happy to donate the remainder to a worthwhile organization (library, school, company, event, etc.) on your behalf.

This promotion is strictly first come, first served. Note that certain bonus categories have limited availability (e.g., “Limited: 2” means that only 2 people are able to purchase this package).

The Space Rush promotion will be active for a limited time, and Robert Jacobson reserves the right to end or cancel the promotion at any time.
If you have questions about any aspect of this promotion, please contact 
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